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When it comes down to 
it, energy is a company's greatest asset.

A mobilized, motivated and focused workforce can launch your business as far as you dare to imagine. We help our clients examine their current HR efforts and opportunities, then strategize proactive ways to exceed organizational objectives.


Our team deals in dynamic solutions, offering support across an endless spectrum of business situations. From transactional and administrative tasks to growth strategies and fully integrated HR services, Stoppler Hughes has the capability, dedication and zest to help you prioritize your company’s greatest potential.

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Integrated HR


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Integrated HR

What's on your mind? A specific HR project with a defined objective and end date, like employee engagement surveys? Or perhaps you have a series of actions to complete within a corporate plan or initiative? Do you need to fill a gap, or perhaps onboard a trusted partner for all your HR needs?


At Stoppler Hughes, our Integrated HR services are as dynamic as your growing business. And, because every client has unique needs, the following is just a sampling of the many solutions we support our clients with every day.

  • Integrated HR support, full human resources solutions: We become your HR department
  • Function or role specific: Tasks or actions to support HR team
  • Human resource audits: Performance, efficiency, redundancies & opportunities
  • Managing complex HR scenarios
  • Crisis management
  • Employee engagement surveys: Rollout, confidentiality, recommendations & follow-ups
  • Internal recruiting and onboarding
  • Defining roles and responsibilities 
  • Training and development
  • Employee handbooks
  • Performance management
  • HR KPI development 
  • Group insurance and retirement procurement and implementation
  • HRIS procurement and implementation

Strategic Consulting

Great businesses take time to reflect on, define and prioritize their purpose. Whether you're transitioning or need to empower your leaders, we can help you align your goals today, so you can focus on the future with enthusiasm.


From complete business strategies to today's top training and coaching, we're adept at all forms of strategic HR consulting. Through the following services and more, we can guide, facilitate or create the framework your organization needs to succeed.

  • Mission, vision and core values: Define your "why" & how you'll get there
  • Strategic business planning: Focused goals & outcomes to achieve your purpose
  • Leadership training: Management courses to enhance collaboration & communication
  • Coaching: Advice & guidance to address career challenges
  • Succession planning: Career transition, role development

ECL Recruitment

Hiring top talent is vital to your organization's success. Because, at the end of the day, people power your business. They're the reason why customers and clients come running to you. They’re your pride and they’re our priority.


Our partners at ECL Group take an agile approach to talent recruitment, steadfastly identifying and securing people who contribute to both your mission and ROI. From managers and directors to presidents and chief executives, we can connect you with leaders who align with your business objectives and values.

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Case Study

Fire & Flower

Aligning with the team's core beliefs, we recruited a workforce of talented, likeminded people to work in their head office and shops...


Future-forward solutions for your business

01 Assess

What's your current state? Examining your HR strategy, culture and policies, we gain an understanding of where you are today, so that we can recommend where you need to be. From there, we set the metrics to ensure your HR efforts enhance your people and your bottom line.

02 Adapt

Next, we identify the gaps in your HR. What's working, and what isn't? Within the focused lens of ROI, we analyze areas of improvement that will grow your team and business, creating a strategy to move you forward.

03 Act

Now, with a game plan in hand, we hit the ground running. We implement the HR functions and tactics necessary to achieve your potential, communicating and checking in at defined intervals. No matter the project, we closely tailor our approach to your people and organizational objectives.

04 Analyze

Finally, we step back and reflect on results of our HR efforts. At predefined checkpoints, we monitor, measure and review our relationship with you. Is your team contributing at its best? Did we achieve a positive ROI? Based on these insights, we refine and improve our approach.